Cookie Policy

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1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file sent to your computer, Smartphone, tablet or any other device when accessing a website. Inter alia, cookies generally are used to allow and improve certain functions from a website, create anonymous statistics about the use of the website by users, moreover, some of them contribute to navigate in a more efficient way, and, furthermore, some cookies help to identify the user's preferences.
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2. Which cookies do we use and with which purpose?

Cookies strictly necessaries.

This website uses technical cookies that allow a correct use of the webpage.

Session (PHPSESSID).

The session cookie is necessary to follow user's progress in this webpage. It is essential to ensure that the user-entered information and the user navigation are remembered by the website. Without this cookie, the user would be processed as a new visitor in each visited page. This cookie does not identify personally to anyone, only serves to the proper functioning of the website.

Cookies consent.

In the first access to this website, a message at the top of the browser will be displayed informing users about the using of cookies for an optimal functioning on this website. This cookie is important to store your preferences by the website, for future visits, and do not display the same message again in the following accesses.

Analysis cookies.

We use Google Analytics to gather information about the way in which the website is used by the users. The gathered personal data are anonymous and only serve to measure and evaluate whether the website meet the user needs and to add improvements.

Google analytics (_ga).

Google Analytics collects anonymous information about the number of users accessing the webpage, the length of their visit therein, their origin page and the pages they visit, among other useful data that allow us to provide a better experience to our users. We do not collect nor store personal data (for instance, real names of users or their addresses), so, this information cannot be used to identify anyone. Neither we allow Google to use nor share our analysed data.
You can read the Privacy Policy of Google Analytics here

3. How to configure your cookies.

The browsers of the computers, Smartphones and tablets allow accepting or denying cookies. If the users wish to modify the cookies from this webpage or any other, they can read the section “Help” of their browser to know more about its configuration. If you choose to disable cookies, you can still visit our page, but your navigation can be deteriorated as a consequence, and some utilities or applications may not work properly.

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